Graphic Designer & Fine Artist

“I live my life as an artist.  It’s not just what I do, it is who I am.
I see art in everything.  I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”

From the outside:

The Graphic Artist

A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Jan Guarino has built an award winning graphic design studio that has come to be known as a bit of an institution on Long Island.  Known as the “Logo Goddess”, Jan applies her creativity and commitment, heart and soul, to helping her clients with branding, corporate identity packages, brochures, direct mail campaign, advertising campaigns, and customer relationship marketing programs.  She believes that an effective, comprehensive, well-coordinated marketing program ties together intent, messaging, and design, seamlessly across all channels.

The Fine Artist

Jan’s fine art talents include painting portraits, landscapes, still life’s, botanical watercolors, and most recently, has extended to include teaching as well.  Jan has been exhibiting her work in locations throughout New York for more than 30 years, and in July of 2014 she began taking on students.  She is now sharing her personal artistic approach, style, and techniques with other artists through classes at the Art League of Long Island.

The Art of Graphic Design

Jan has developed the unique ability to blend her artists soul with her vast practical business knowledge to create communications that powerfully resonate credibility, emotion, and authenticity.  Her work serves to open doors, initiate dialogues, and cement long term, meaningful relationships between companies and their clients and prospects.

This distinctive combination of authentic artistic expression and proven business savvy is what she calls.

From the inside:

My process is highly intuitive.  When I am working on a new project I know that the answer can come in a moment’s inspiration or can build and reveal itself slowly over time.  More often than not however, it strikes like lightening.  But whether it comes fast or slow, via digital or paintbrush, everything I create is always the result of the culmination of all my years of experience seeing the world through an artist eye.

It’s like that famous Picasso parable where a woman asks Picasso to paint her portrait, and in 15 minutes the great master is done.  When he presents his work to her and says “that will be $10,000”, the woman is outraged and replies “but it only took you 15 minutes to paint it”.  Picasso’s response; “no madam, it’s taken me a lifetime”.

Earth Friendly Greetings

This unconventional, green, greeting card company blends Jan’s original artwork with famous quotes to provide individuals and business with an opportunity to create meaningful, branded connections utilizing the diminishing but immensely powerful channel of snail mail.  All cards can be personalized with a full color logo and message to further their effectiveness as a branding tool.

All in the family

Jan and her husband Fred Guarino, also own and operate Tiki Recording Studios, a Grammy award winning recording studio.

Networking affiliations

Networking, connecting, reaching out to other business and creative entrepreneurs, and allowing them to reach back to you is the energizing force behind any creative community.  Jan has made it her priority to play an active roll in expanding the boundaries of creativity on Long Island.  She is an active member, supporter, leader, and advocate for all of the following member driven networking groups:

  • LINX – Long Island Network Exchange
  • ARG – Accountants Resource Group
  • Adrian’s Network
  • TGIF – Marvin Soskil’s networking group